Reservation service will start soon

Can I reserve a time slot in advance?

A charging station can take reservations if the station owner chooses to set it up that way. When you click on a station on the dashboard map, if the station is reservable you will see a calendar icon in the station pop-up window that appears.

How do I reserve a station?

You must be logged into your account to reserve a station. If the station is reservable, simply click on Reserve Now in the station’s pop-up window and then book the time that you would like to start and end your session.

How much does it cost to reserve a station?

Each organization sets its own price if any to charge at their stations. But there is no extra cost to reserve a station if that feature is available.

What if I don’t actually use the station during my reserved time?

You will be charged for your reservation even if you do not use the station. Please be sure to cancel any reservations 24 hours prior to it starting to avoid being charged. In Reports, you can see all your upcoming reservations, and can cancel them there. You can also set up a notification to remind you 30 minutes before your reservation start time so you don’t forget you’ve made a reservation.

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